Technical Data
    Operation rules of extrusion connection of the reinforcing bars
    Basic principle
    The extrusion connection of the reinforcing bar is to put the steel coupler onto the ends of the two reinforcing bars which has ribs, and to extrude the steel coupler in the radial direction of the reinforcing bars by using the superhigh pressure hydraulic device (crushing clamp). And extruded by the extrusion force of the crushing clamp, the steel coupler will have plastic deformation and then combine with the reinforcing bars closely. Thus, the steel coupler holds on the transverse ribs of the reinforcing bars , making the two reinforcing bars firmly connect with each other.
    Compared with other connection methods, the extrusion connection has the following major characteristics:
    The connection has high strength and reliable performance, and it can sustain high stress, repeated pull and pressure, and fatigue load.
    It can be easily performed. The worker can perform it after being trained. Its technology is simper, and the equipments can be easily and conveniently operated. The quality of the connection can be easily controlled. The worker, after being trained for a short period of time, can make the qualified connection.
    The connection causes no light, and it will not be affected by the climate. It can be performed in water or in combustible gas environment.
    The connection can be easily inspected. The connection quality can be judged by checking the extrusion passes and measuring the impression diameter. The sampling quantity for checking the mechanical performance on spot is only 6%, thus reducing the inspection cost and the quality control cost. The qualified rate of the sampling inspection on spot can reach 100%.
    Outline of Straight Thread Joint Technology
    I. Technological Principle of Straight Thread Joint

    The technological process for the straight thread joint is shown as follows:

    At first, the ends of steel bar are cut into a plane vertical with the axial line of steel bar, upset and machined with 60o UNC (Unified Coarse Thread). And then, two ends are screwed with the screw socket pre-made in same thread to become an integrated coupling. Finally, they are fastened with bulldog wrench. After inspection, they are coated with the qualified mark.

    II. Mechanical Equipment used for Machining Straight Thread End
    - Cold Extrusion Press(Upset forging machine)
    The cold extrusion press, made by our factory in accordance with the requirement of straight thread joint, is the specially-purposed four-column horizontal mechanical equipment used for cold extrusion compression.
    It is composed of frame, motor, high-pressure oil pump, the special designed oil cylinder, male mould and mould base connected with piston, backstop and holding device. They are mounted on the four columns, moving in horizontal. Within one minute, the processes of extrusion and upset shall be completed. Cold Extrusion Press is used with diameter 12~40 mm steel bar.
    Pressing Coupler Videos


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